01. What is ECDL?

ECDL is an internationally recognised qualification that enables people to certify their computer skills to an internationally recognised standard.

02. Can I complete a module in a different location from where I started?

Yes. Each candidate is given a unique Candidate Registration Number (CRN). This number allows a candidate to complete their ICDL certification at any ICDL Accredited Test Centre worldwide.

03. Do I have to undergo training prior to taking the tests?

If a candidate feels that he/she will be able to meet the criteria for the tests as set down in the Syllabus he/she can take the tests without the need for training. However, you should be sure that you are ready before sitting the tests.

04. What is the grade required to successfully pass each module?

The pass mark is 75% for all modules.

05. How long is each ECDL Certification test?

Base and Intermediate Modules have a 45 minutes time limit, while Advanced Modules have a 60 minutes time limit.

06. How many questions does each ECDL Certification test contain?

Base and Intermediate Modules have around 36 questions, and Advanced Modules have around 20 questions.

07. How do I get a copy of the ECDL Syllabus?

The syllabus for every ECDL module is available for download from the Modules section of this site.

08. What is ICDL?

ICDL is the name given to the ECDL programme outside Europe.

09. What amount of training is required to prepare for ECDL examinations?

There is no set recommended number of teaching hours as this will be dependent on the needs of an individual candidate.

10. When can I start ECDL?

You can start ECDL at any time by contacting any of the ECDL Accredited Test Centres near you. You are encouraged to undertake training at an ECDL Centre if required. Once you are ready, you may take a test for any of the modules in any order you choose. This may be subject to training or testing schedules set by each test centre.